Terms and Conditions


Our Doctors work various days and hours: please contact our Receptionists on (07) 3620 8111 to make an appointment with your preferred Doctor, or book online using the Health Engine website  available on this website or via the Health Engine website  accessed via the following link https://healthengine.com.au/

Appointments with our G.P.’s are usually 15 minutes in duration.

All new patient appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes duration. All new patients are required to complete the New Patient Registration Form which can be accessed in the Patient Forms section of this website or our Receptionists can provide this at the time of your consultation. Completing a New Patient Registration Form prior to your appointment may save you some time.

Long consultations and appointments are available on request; please advise us if the nature of your appointment is complex and/or may include a care plan or procedure.

Cancellation of appointments

We require at least 2 hours prior notice of any cancellations, this notice allows us to provide services to another patient in need of assistance.

Payment and Fees

We are a fully bulk-billing clinic for Medicare eligible patients. Please bring your Medicare card with you when you visit the clinic. However, payment of fees may be incurred in the following circumstances:

  • Non-Medicare eligible patients (such as international visitors);
  • Pre-employment medicals;
  • WorkCover claims; and,
  • Any other circumstances where your care is not covered under the Medicare Schedule and certain procedures, such as the insertion of Merina ® contraceptive device is required.

For non-Medicare consultations, payment methods include; cash, Visa, Master Card or EFTPOS. We do not accept cheques or accounts.  Our fee structure is subject to change, we encourage you to contact our clinic to discuss current fees prior to your appointment.

On the Same Day Appointments and After Hours Doctors Service

Limited same day appointments are available; please call us to enquire about an appointment.

Patients are eligible to access the After Hours Doctors Service on 1300 466 337, the service provides bulk billed GP visits at home: Monday to Friday 6pm to 8am (bookings open 4pm) and weekends 12pm Saturday to 8am Monday (bookings open 10am Saturday).

Should you have a medical emergency, you should contact emergency services.

Recalls and Reminders

Better Access uses an automated recall and reminder system. Please advise our reception staff if you have received a recall letter when making your appointment.

Keeping in contact

To allow our clinic to keep in touch with you and maintain your privacy, please let us know if your personal details (such as your address or phone number(s)) change.

Parking & Access

Limited on-site car parking is available for the duration of your appointment at the Bowen Hills Clinic (the large area to the right of the building).  Street parking is available outside the clinic.

Test Results

Results are not provided by our reception staff: all results are reviewed by a clinical staff member prior to being released.  You may be required to come into the clinic to obtain your test results.

Medical Certificates

You must make an appointment to see a Dr for a medical certificate. This includes Centrelink and WorkCover certificates. Please specify who the certificate is for as some Government/other institutions require specific documentation. “Back-dating” of medical certificates and referrals is not possible under any circumstances.

Prescriptions and Repeat Prescriptions

Better Access has a policy of not prescribing drugs of dependence on the first patient appointment. The Dr’s of the practice refer to the ‘Drugs of Dependence’ Unit prior to the supply of any prescriptions for narcotics and benzodiazepines.

Most prescriptions provide enough medication (repeats included) to last until the condition needs to be reviewed. PBS prescriptions can only be written to last a maximum of six months (i.e. one month + five repeats). For your safety and in order to adhere to prescribing guidelines, we strongly encourage you to plan ahead and to make an appointment to see a doctor to have your condition reviewed and repeat prescriptions written prior to the expiry of your current prescription.

Telephone Contact with Doctors

To limit the number of interruptions to Doctors and patients, phone calls are received and managed by reception staff.  Please discuss the requirement for follow up appointments with your Doctor and book with our reception staff. Appointments are required in order to consult with our Doctors.

Violence, Aggression & Unacceptable Behaviour

Please note that for the safety and consideration of our staff and patients that Better Access cannot tolerate any behaviour that is threatening, abusive, violent or aggressive towards staff, other patients, or visitors to our practice. Any person conducting themselves in such a manner will be asked to leave immediately. For more information about the level of care you can expect to receive and your rights and responsibilities – please refer to our Client Services Charter located in the Patient Forms section of this website.

Privacy and Your Personal Health Information

Better Access is committed to maintaining the security of your personal health information and at all times will ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff unless where disclosure is required by law or where you provide your consent. You may also request access to your own health information. Please note that our practice retains records for all interactions. For more information please refer to our Privacy Collection Statement and our Privacy Policy available in the Patient Forms section of this website.

Compliments, Feedback and Complaints

We welcome compliments, feedback and complaints, please speak with one of our staff to provide, or access a feedback or complaints form from our staff or reception areas.  Concerns can be discussed with your Doctor, the Practice Manager or other staff.  We encourage you to speak with us regarding your concerns as it is the quickest and easiest way to address concerns or fix a problem. For more information about our complaints process please refer to our Complaints Policy which is available from the Patient Forms section of this website or can be requested from our Reception staff. For more information about the level of care you can expect to receive and, in turn, your rights and responsibilities – please refer to our Client Services Charter located in the Patient Forms section of this website.

If you feel the concern cannot be effectively resolved through our complaints process you can access the Office of the Health Ombudsman.

133 OHO (133 646)
PO Box 13281 George Street
Brisbane Qld 4003