Our Services

Sexual Health

We provide:

  • General sexual health checks & STI treatment;
  • Sex Workers Certificates; HIV management (s100 prescribers);
  • Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) & Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP);
  • Rapid Point of Care HIV testing (POCT);
  • Cryotherapy (freezing genital lesions); and
  • Insertion/ removal of contraceptive devices.

Hepatitis C Treatment & Management

We specialise in providing management and treatment for chronic hepatitis C infection. Our Dr’s prescribe the latest Direct Acting Antiviral Agents (DAA’s). Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C Infection using the latest and highly successful DAA’s is now available under Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

GP Management Plans

We provide a range of Management Plans such as; Mental Health Care Plans, Diabetes  Management Plans and other Chronic Disease Management Plans. If you require a management plan please ensure you book a long consultation.

Opiate Substitution Therapy

We provide OST services from the Brisbane clinic. As there is a high demand for these services you are encouraged to contact our Clinic to discuss.

Work Cover Medicals

Our Doctors can provide medical assessments for the purposes and requirements of WorkCover.

(Pre) Employment Medicals

If you require a pre-employment or an employment medical for a job our Doctors can help in providing medicals for work purposes. (Pre) Employment medicals are not covered under Medicare and fees are applicable. If you require a (pre) employment medical you should contact us to discuss our current fee structure.

General Health

In addition to specialising in a range of areas, our Dr’s provide general health in a range of areas such as; men’s and women’s health, family health, travel medicine,  adult vaccinations, and general health assessments.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

Better Access Medical is part of QuIHN which specialises in alcohol and other drug  use (with a particular speciality in mental health and substance use) and can provide services in conjunction with the range of services provided by QuIHN. More information about QuIHN and the range of ancillary services available visit www.quihn.org

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